“How to Be a Cool Person”

Have you ever asked yourself what makes someone a “cool” person?

What is it about them that separates them from people who others consider “uncool” or average?

Why are cool people liked and respected by most people, while the average person is usually met with indifference and neglect?

And furthermore, how can you use the answers to these questions to transform your own character and personality into one that is highly attractive to other people?

The answer is simple:

Cool people don’t act in ways that the majority of people do.

I mean, think about a person you know who you don’t consider very cool for a moment…

What is it about them that makes them so uncool?

Isn’t it due to things they’re already doing that causes you to have a less than favorable opinion of them?

Aren’t they behaving in ways that instinctively bore you, turn you off or repel you, probably without them even realizing it?

But what if they stopped acting in these certain ways?

Wouldn’t they become a much cooler person as a result of it?

Thus, the main secret to becoming a cool person is to identify all the ways you unwittingly turn people off and train yourself to stop behaving in these undesirable ways.

Then you will start getting different responses from people and change your circumstances.

But you don’t act in ways that turn others off – or do you?

How about we find out, shall we?

These questions will reveal the truth of the matter…

Do you ever get into disagreements with others over a difference of opinions that quickly escalates into heated debates or even arguments?

Do you ever find fault with people and criticize them for the ways they act that you don’t approve of?

Or do you ever go on long-winded rants where you gripe and complain about your problems concerning your health or the people in your life, or perhaps even politicians and the government?

Well, guess what?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re currently acting in a few of the many ways that make you uncool in other people’s eyes.

And guess what else?

They’re never going to tell you that.

No one you meet in person is going to tell you what you’re doing “wrong”.

But that’s where I come in!

I’ve put together an audio course that reveals the 35 major behaviors people act out that instinctively turns others off, repels them and makes them think you’re not a very cool person.

I call them “bad behaviors”.

When you learn what they are and how and why they turn others off, you will empower yourself to make changes to yourself, how you behave and the way you communicate with people.

The end result is that you will no longer unintentionally turn others off and make them want nothing or little to do with you.


Because instead they will see you as a cool person they’re happy and eager to spend time with.

Now, let me ask you this:

Have you ever lost a friend or someone you deeply cared about?

Let me know if you’re familiar with this experience…

You meet someone and in the beginning everything seems to be going fine. You seem to get along great and you have a good connection.

But then something changes.

They start giving you the cold shoulder.

They suddenly aren’t "available" to hang-out anymore. They don’t answer their phone and they don’t return your calls or texts anymore, or they give you excuses if they do. And when you do happen to be at the same place at the same time, they seem distant and cold towards you.

Where once everything seemed to be going great between you, now you suddenly feel this ominous divide.

Things have changed.

But what?

And more importantly, what caused those changes?

If you’ve ever lost a friend or someone you loved and you didn’t know the reasons why, I can guarantee you that it’s because you acted out one or more of the “bad behaviors” I want to tell you about, all without realizing it turned them off of you.

By acting them out…

You practically forced them to “reject” you.

Well, what if this cycle doesn’t have to repeat itself?

After all, if we don’t change what we do now, won’t we continue to reproduce the same sad results we got in the past?

If we act in ways that turn others off, won’t we keep turning them off in the same ways in the future – unless we change?

Why not break that cycle?

Why not learn to understand why you caused people to lack respect for you or reject you in the past... so you can correct your faults, and thus avoid further lack of respect or rejection in future situations?

Why not discover how you can prevent these painful experiences?

I want to show you how.

In my audio course “How to Be a Cool Person,” I break down and discuss every single one of the “bad behaviors” people act out that turn others off and cause them to lose respect or reject them.

The course is divided into 35 lessons (one for each “bad behavior”), and you’ll receive a new one every week.

This will help you work on addressing and correcting your current short-comings one at a time and give you the time you need to become more aware and start making those changes and adjustments.

When you click the “Buy Now” button below and make your payment via PayPal (you can use a credit card or your account), you will start receiving my weekly audio lessons.

What I recommend you do is start listening to them today to decide for yourself whether or not they help you transform your character and personality, making you a cooler person who wins other people’s respect and the attention of the people you’re attracted to.

If you don’t find them helpful after the first four lessons (or the first month), simply email me and ask for a full refund.

I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

But if you find it as helpful as I’m claiming you will, simply continue listening to each lesson every week and apply what you learn.

I encourage you to order the course right now.

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How to Be a Cool Person