The Dangerous Repercussions of Ordering People Around

Are there people in your life who you boss around?

You know, instead of asking them to do things and having them consent and agree to do it, you give them commands that you expect will be followed immediately and without protest?

“Do this.”

“Do that.”

“Don’t do the other thing.”

If you do, have you ever considered what affects this kind of approach really has on people?

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What to Say to People Who Crack Stupid Jokes About You

Have you ever had someone crack a lame or stupid joke about you, maybe even one that others joined in with their laughter?

If so, how did you react to it?

Did you just remain silent and “take it,” meanwhile everyone else laughed along at your expense, if you were in a group?

Or did you meekly laugh along with it, even though you resented it, all because you wanted to fit in and not rock the boat or upset anyone by protesting?

Or did you even go to the extreme, show signs of irritation (which just made it more satisfying for the joke-teller) and lose your composure over it?

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A Powerful Way of Dealing with People Who Criticize You

Can you remember the last time someone criticized you for something – or at any time for that matter?

How did it make you feel?

And perhaps more importantly, how did you find yourself reacting to the situation?

Did you become upset, insecure, and defensive and argumentative; then start trying to refute their criticism by denying, explaining, excusing or justifying yourself, your choices or your behavior, all in hopes of proving them wrong?

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The Secret to Transforming Yourself into a Cool Person Others Love

Do you know anyone who meets people easily and others tend to open up to them quickly and it’s clear they really like that person?

Don’t you wish you were more like that?

But what is it about them that allows them to get these positive results with people?

Have you ever stopped to question what makes them so good at dealing and connecting with people?

Just what exactly is it that makes them a “cool” person – and how can you use that knowledge to improve your own personality?

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A Simple Method to Get People to Listen to What You Have to Say

How would you like to learn a simple formula you can use in your conversations that will cause others to want to intently listen to whatever you have to talk about?

Because if you’ve found that people didn’t seem too interested in what you have had to say in the past; they tuned you out, cut you off or changed the subject, I want to share an easy way to get people to want to listen to you.

To understand how it works, it’s necessary to understand giving and receiving, and the idea of reciprocation.

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The Confident Way to Ask People for Things (without Being a Wimp or a Dictator)

When you want someone to do something for you, like having them do you a favor or asking the clerk for something behind the counter at the store, how do you ask them?

Have you ever stopped to identify how you do it and also considered how your request causes them to perceive you and how they feel about obliging you?

These are important questions to ask because how you answer them will reveal a lot about your character and how others view you.

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The Critical Thing You Must Do to Win Peoples’ Respect

When people cross your personal boundaries or treat you in ways you consider unacceptable, how do you usually react or deal with the situation?

Do you object to people crossing a line with you by calling their behavior out — or do you just shrug it off and accept the unwanted or undesirable behavior without protest?

Furthermore, are you consciously aware of what behaviors you’re unwilling to accept from other people ... you know, the ways in which people treat you that you find inappropriate or unacceptable?

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How to Point Out Peoples’ Faults without Starting an Argument

Have you ever been in that situation where someone else’s behavior was affecting you negatively, but you weren’t sure how to go about bringing it to their attention?

After all, don’t people often tend to get defensive and even argumentative whenever we point out their faults, weaknesses or bad behaviors?

Instead of looking at themselves, their behavior and how it affects others, don’t they tend to either start giving you excuses for their behavior, or else they start justifying it and giving you reasons for why they act the way they do?

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